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The work represented in this exhibition is based on my 91-year-old grandmother, Nana, and younger sister Lindsey. It’s a snapshot of their life in the small agricultural community of Grimes, California, population 391. Most of the imagery in my work is based on the quality time they spend together at home in the kitchen, making tortillas and preparing food from the garden.


I have always been interested in figures in interior spaces so after several recent visits to Grimes, I was inspired to capture the relationship and daily activities between both Nana and Lindsey. This meant documenting and sketching the subtle moments of food preparations and daily tasks of the home. Although my grandmother’s mobility is limited and Lindsey takes care of the more rigorous chores, Nana still insists on washing the dishes every morning and doing her share of the cooking.


This body of work is dedicated to Lindsey, who decided that it was time to take a leave from the corporate world in pursuit of precious time with a loved one.

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